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Red Sea Yachts


The hook for all Seamens

The one that has already replaced the conventional hook in Europe and USA

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"HandyDuck" is a moringhook that you can use for all kind of morings! You don’t need a special gear for different kind of morings. HandyDuck will do it all for you and life on board will not only be much easier but also much safer both by moring and leaving.

Where to use it

HandyDuck is a moringhook that can be used to all kind of morings for boats up to 20 ton weight. Use HandyDuck wherever you can grab with it like rings on bridges, buoys, wharves, pontons but also on bollards, cleats and poles with the accessorie Sling. By fixed moring always use effective rubber dampings on your moringropes (f.ex. Bungy).

You will avoid hanging over the rail to reach and also unnecessary jumping on- and aboard You can stay onbord both by docking and leaving.

HandyDuck can be released even under tough load!

This minimizes the risk of getting squeezed or even to fall in the sea.

HandyDuck for all kind of morings!

Mooring hook for all types of mooring. Grab around max 23 mm spars

As HandyDuck 22, but can grip around 33 mm spars. At swaying moorings must be taken to keep the mooring lines taut.

All of our boat hooks are made of fiberglass that is lightweight, incredibly strong and impervious to salt water. They are also more pleasant to take in than the conventional aluminum.

With our båtshakebeslag, sitting on our boat hooks, you not only get the tool to manage your handy duck, but also one of the best performing boat hook. You can take a landscape bridge ring without any problems and you can get it off simply by turning the poole, even when it is overloaded.

Our telescopic poles have a lock that is easy to operate, and it is also easily adjustable so you can safely push without being compressed or conversely pulled apart when you pull hard.

Fixed boat hook

Length 150 cm.

Telescopic boat hook available in 3 different lengths

Short 95/165 cm

Between 110/200 cm

Long 136/250 cm

As a spare part or part of HandyDuck kit for you to mount it on your own rod, such as a traditional boat-hook in aluminum. Inside dia. 25 mm. Attach the aluminum tubes with 2 rivets or other materials with 2 screws.

All floats, however, for a limited time when there are air holes for evacuation of air when you push in / pull them out.

With this accessory, you can easily add the bollards, cleats, poles or rock dubbed. Attach one end where the mooring line is attached to the HandyDuck. You can do this with a quicklink or by pulling it through his own eye as the image opposite


1. Pole

2. Locking lever

3. Triggerhook

4. Beak

5. Barring

6. Attach your moring line here.

7. Put the bent part of the Tiggerhook in this hole to release HandyDuck.

8. Hole for trigger rope

9. Beakbarring 33

How does it work?

HandyDuck works like a conventional moring hook but with the big difference that it can be released even when it is under load.

The construction is similar to what a Tug boat has. If the ship the Tugboat is tugging will sink it must be able to loosen the wires vey fast and even when there is a heavy load on them.

When using HandyDuck the pole with the special Triggerhook is the tool to handle it.

Fig.1 You slide HandyDuck into the holder on the triggerhook and then you can reach what you want to more at f.ex. a buoy or a ponton. When you have reached you just pull and HandyDuck will grab.

Fig.2 At the same time you continue to pull the pole loose from HandyDuck and you are moored!

Fig.3 When you want to leave you just stick the bent part of the Triggerhook into the hole on the side of HandyDuck. When you want to come loose, just pull and HandyDuck will open.

Video presentation

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