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Red Sea Yachts

"Red Sea Yachts"

For Very Important People

We offer to Costumers a superior service and style

Join us aboard the wonderful "Ocean Yacht",

Fairline Targa 55"feet in Eilat or Choose from our list of yachts.

The best experience ever!!!

The Fairline Yacht at the Red Sea Eilat is located in the marina of Eilat.

This is the most central place you can be and you can reach most

Attractions, Restaurants and the beach in 5 minutes walk.

The yacht is just great and it was the best experience we ever had.

The yacht was fully equipped. A/C, Sound system, fridge, Espresso Lavazza,

and a lot more. The fridge was filled fully with soft drinks and the kitchen with

Cookies, chips fruit and a lot more. The cruise was just amazing, wonderful and great.

Worth every dollar!!!

But the best is still to come, the service of Stefano and his team was really

Outstanding and I can promise you that you will find it not any where else

In Eilat or at any other place.

Best booking ever!!!!


From Germany



 "Red Sea Yachts"


Since 1996, "Red Sea Luxury Yachts" has offered the very best in yachting to customers and has built a favored reputation for intimate attention to detail and unparalleled personal service.

"Red Sea Luxury Yachts" offers a multilingual team with detailed knowledge of the highest quality yachts along with strong relationships with yacht owners developed through years of experience in the purchase and charter of the finest yachts in the world.

Core to our values is an unwavering focus on providing our clients the best yachting experience possible. We achieve this through an intimate understanding of every client's preferences and meticulous attention to detail.

We specialize in exclusive corporate getaways and highly personalized luxury vacations for your family.

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 Choose the yacht that best fit your needs

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Tel. +972 (0) 54 6522438 Email: [email protected]